Networking in Coworking Spaces

Networking is extremely important to do no matter what business you are in. They allow you to collaborate with colleagues, find mentors, as well as grant you opportunities you wouldn’t have or know about without. A coworking space is the perfect opportunity to connect with people in your field as well as gain valuable insights into other fields and possible career opportunities.

Strike Up Conversation

Of course, this is easier said than done, but striking up a conversation in a coworking space whether they are at the same table as you or you’re both waiting in line to get coffee can be a great way to begin a new connection. Coworking spaces are a great way to be able to network with people you wouldn’t normally meet if you were working from home or in an office setting.

Be Authentic

When explaining your business and ideas to people you are networking with at a coworking space it is important not to sound pitchy but rather be conversational. Keep the conversation going and look for a way to weave in your pitch naturally. Most likely, the person your are networking with is also looking to make business connections or looking for advice on the industry, so don’t be afraid to speak up to people and make valuable connections. When you sound passionate and energetic about something, not just in a sales tone, people will enjoy talking to you. Even if they do not have a need for their services, they probably know someone that does.

Find A Mentor or Job

Working in a coworking space is the perfect place to find a mentor or even a job. Many businesses and startups are using coworking spaces not only for offices, but also to find new talent. In addition, the people beginning these startups and building their businesses from the ground up can offer you invaluable insight into the industry and give you tips and advice on how to be successful if you are also just starting your own business. Unlike a random coffee shop, in a coworking space you are surrounded by like minded, hard working entrepreneurs, business people, creatives, and freelancers. Use this to your advantage to feed off of their experience and knowledge.

Networking in a coworking space is a great opportunity to make new connections, find a mentor, find new talent, and even make a business deal. Often, coworking spaces sponsor networking events that help to break the ice and get members talking and sharing information. This is just another great perk to being a member of a coworking space and not working from home or in an office setting.


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