How Technology Has Made Coworking Spaces Possible

Think back to a day before laptops and smartphones. If you had an office job, you went there to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and when quitting time rolled around, you left the office — and your work — until the next day when you came in. Unless there was paperwork that you could take home, any work done at the office, especially on a computer, wasn’t exactly portable. This meant that you were limited in your time to work as well as the location at which you could do your work. Not productive in an office environment? Then you were stuck being not as productive at your job in general.

Luckily, thanks to ever increasing advances in technology, a lot of work has become accessible in ways that were never possible. Here are just a few of the ways that technology has completed revamped the way that we work.

  • Clouds and drives make file sharing easy.
    • Before things like the Cloud and the Google suite existed, workers were limited in their ability to collaborate on different projects. Aside from emailing the work to each person and then having everyone email their contributions to everyone else, file sharing just wasn’t feasible. However, Google Drive and other comparable storage services have opened new doorways for the team project. Now everyone can access and edit the same documents side by side while using messaging services (like Google Hangouts) to communicate live all throughout the process.
  • You can take your work with you.
    • Now, more than ever before, we have the ability to become employees on the go. Whether you’re sitting in an airport terminal waiting for a flight, traveling between cities on a train, connecting with others at a coworking space, or even sitting outside a cafe enjoying the nice weather, if you have a WiFi connection, you can be hard at work, staying on top of everything as though you were physically at the office.
  • You can collaborate with others — even if they’re far away.
    • Before technology really took off, unless you worked in the same office (or even in the same city) as someone else, chances are that you would never have a chance to collaborate and work together on a project. However, with the internet, you can be live chatting with someone in Japan while the two of you pour over the same document or spreadsheet. Technology has connected the farest corners of the globe together, creating new opportunities to create, share, and grow than ever before.

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